Day Fourteen – St. John’s, NL to Trinity, NL to Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

Today was simply a great day for travelling other than a few high winds that had Lanny thinking he was already on the ferry!!

(He was happy to take a seat that wasn’t bouncing or swaying!!)

We first visited the Salmonier Nature Park (this is a lovely 1.5 mile stroll through the park to see a variety of Newfoundland’s native / not-so-native species) and although I’ve since been corrected on my idea of a leisurely stroll, I feel that those who walked the park saw more of Newfoundland and its beauty as a result (and did I mention how proud I am of my group!!??) Here are the images they saw on the trip around the park:

The weather turned out to be beautiful once we arrived in Trinity. ¬†This quaint little town, offers a variety of experiences from a town pageant (we saw a glimpse today) to a forge to beautiful churches and a chocolate shop. Discovered in 1501, Corte Real arrived here on “Trinity Day” and the town has been called Trinity ever since. ¬†Here’s a sneak peek:

We also really enjoyed a visit to Aunt Sarah’s Chocolate Shop in Trinity (a perennial favourite!) With samples of Buttercrunch Chocolate to entice us, I had to give instructions about how to keep it safely stored!!

After lunch, we made our way down the highway (up the highway in NFLD?) toward Grand Falls-Windsor with a quick stop to see Joey Smallwood’s hometown of Gambo.

We then proceeded to Silent Witnesses near the Gander Airport. This somber moment on the tour gave us a moment to reflect on the tragedy but also brought us the realization about those universal emotions of loss and how we all deal with tragedy in our lives particularly when we try to grasp the tragedy others must have experienced.

Tonight’s “Mug Up” consisted of songs and culture and language and more songs followed by the coffee and tea for which the Mug Up gets its name:

One thought on “Day Fourteen – St. John’s, NL to Trinity, NL to Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

  1. Good morning Folks!

    A sunny morning in Ontario! The temperature is only 15C! We will take the cool morning weather anytime!

    Ah, the wind in Newfoundland! It is always windy, just different degrees of wind from very windy to gale force!

    Way to hang on to the bus Lanny!

    By now you are are familiar with the Moose lookout but I must tell you what we saw in 2012.

    We are busing along minding our own business when all of a sudden Larry and John yell BEAR! Bear?

    Sure enough Larry slowed the bus down and was able to pull over and lo and behold were 2 cubs and Mama Bear at the side of the road.

    Well, you know what that means? Photo op! Pictures were taken from inside the bus. John would not let us get of the bus.

    Never a dull moment!

    The Silent Witness. A very emotional stop. The people of Newfoundland erected a beautiful Monument to honour this tragic crash.

    Beautiful pictures John! Wow! The Moose pictures are the best! I can’t tell what the white furry ball animal is in one picture. Must be a new animal in Newfoundland!

    Now, John, you posted animal, nature and scenery pictures but where in tarnation are the pictures of the Buttercrunch Chocolate? It is all about the food!

    Folks if you want a favour from John he can be bought with food!

    Today is ironing day! Yes, I still iron clothes that are hung outside on the clothesline. Contain your excitement!

    I am reliving our trip everyday!

    Take it all in. Enjoy it all. In a blink you will back to the real world.

    Take care.


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