Day Fourteen – St. John’s, NL to Trinity, NL to Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

Today was simply a great day for travelling.  Although St. John’s did not look promising, the weather turned out to be beautiful once we arrived in the quaint, gorgeous town of Trinity.  Discovered in 1501, Corte Real arrived here on Trinity day and the town has been called Trinity ever since.  As there was a church lunch put on by the ACW, we were very fortunate in that we didn’t need to move the bus far for lunch!  For $10 we had our choice of soups, sandwiches, pie and a drink.  (Personally, I went with the: Moose stew, Ham and Cheese, Lemon Meringue Pie and a coffee!)  We were pleased to be able to help support the church’s ongoing roof repair.

REJ_0415 REJ_0441 REJ_0434 REJ_0433 REJ_0417 REJ_0416

We also really enjoyed a visit to Aunt Sarah’s Chocolate Shop in Trinity (a perennial favourite!) With samples of White Cheesecake Chocolate and Buttercrunch Chocolate to entice us, I don’t think I’ve seen quite so many baggies of chocolate coming out of one store on any tour!!

After lunch, we made our way down the highway (up the highway in NFLD?) toward Grand Falls-Windsor with a quick stop to see Joey Smallwood’s hometown of Gambo.


We are all looking forward to our evening’s entertainment at Mt. Peyton – the “Mug-Up”!

One thought on “Day Fourteen – St. John’s, NL to Trinity, NL to Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

  1. Good morning Folks!

    Great idea to enjoy a lunch at a Church and to support the roof repair.

    Beautiful pictures John! Why can’t our churches look like the ones in NFLD?

    I think there is a law that any Chocolate that has been purchased has to be shared with the people in Newfoundland as the Ferry cannot support the extra weight!

    Belleville had an hour of heavy rain on Wednesday but not a drop at our house!

    Today’s exciting job is washing the vinyl siding of our house! It will be a refreshing to have the water spray us too!


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