Day Thirteen – St. John’s, NL to Bay Bulls, NL (and back!)

Welcome back!  Great day in St. John’s (again!)  Today we finished up any final things we wanted / needed to do before we left for our Boat Cruise.  I had wanted to visit the Newman Vaults for a while and today I finally did it and I was very pleased I did.  The vaults really showed the progression and evolution of port storage throughout the history of the Newman company.  The guide (a trained archeologist) was very knowledgeable and showed his dedication and passion for history.

IMG_1219 IMG_1228 IMG_1227

At 12:45 we boarded the bus for Bay Bulls.  After a quick tour in the gift shop we were ready for the real tour.  Although it is getting late in the season for whales, the puffins, murres, gulls, razorbills and more were on Gull Island and Green Island by the thousands!



REJ_0052 REJ_0289 REJ_0136 REJ_0123 REJ_0105

Before we went back to the hotel, we made a quick photo stop at Petty Harbour – a scenic and picture perfect pretty port!

REJ_0406 REJ_0409

One thought on “Day Thirteen – St. John’s, NL to Bay Bulls, NL (and back!)

  1. Good day Folks!

    Another beautiful day in St. John’s!

    Pictures of wine barrels and glasses of red wine! I do not remember enjoying this tour on our trip! John you must have a good contacts in NFLD!

    The Puffins are so cute! I wish these birds would fly to Ontario in the Summer.

    Of course the Puffins and Seagulls only count as 2 creatures and not thousands!

    I am sure you are all enjoying yourselves and taking it all in!

    Now, if you thought yesterday was exciting with the Driveway Sealing guy showing up at 6:00am, today will excite you even more!

    I had a Dentist appointment bright and early in Campbellford or as some tourists call it Camp Bellford. Is it 2 words people? No it is not!

    But the real exciting thing to report is that Sharpe’s grocery store sells Covered Bridge Chips! I have never seen them sold in this area in the past!

    It is very hot here and will continue to be until at least Saturday when we are in for a cold snap of 28C!

    If you know of any rain songs or dance please do them while on the bus (Larry won’t mind) and hopefully it will rain here!

    Safe bussing!


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