Day Thirteen – St. John’s, NL to Bay Bulls, NL (and back!)

Welcome back!  Great day in St. John’s (again!)  Today was our day for Bay Bulls. After touring in the gift shop we were ready for the “real” tour.  The captain told us that we had come at exactly mid-season this year and the whales were plentiful as were the puffins, murres, gulls, razorbills and more on Gull Island and Green Island by the thousands!

We also had one other mammal who was on display fresh off the bus, b’y!

Lanny’s Sou’Wester stole the show early this morning but within the first 20 minutes of being on board “The Atlantic Puffin”, we were treated to something I’ve never seen happen – a humpback whale breach!!! This was so very impressive! I had almost given up hope of seeing one live…let alone capturing for all you nice people following along on the blog:

We spent about 40 minutes hunting the whales who gave us quite a little display:


And while the whales are impressive in their own right, the birds of Gull Island were amazing too!

Northern Gannet


Common Murres

Another Northern Gannet

Manx Shearwater

Join us tomorrow when you’ll see that I still have a couple of surprises up my sleeve!! TTFN!

2 thoughts on “Day Thirteen – St. John’s, NL to Bay Bulls, NL (and back!)

  1. Good Morning Everyone!

    Wow! Great photos John! The Whales put on quite a show for the Folks from Ontario.

    The Puffins are so cute! Anyone take one home as a pet> One less Puffin in Newfoundland> Who would miss one Puffin?

    Lanny, you look great! Fitting right in with the local Fishermen!

    The Whale watching alone was worth the trip to Newfoundland! No Whales in the Bay of Quinte/Lake Ontario!

    Well, the skies opened up big time last night! At 11:35pm the heavy rain was very noisy! It was a most welcome sound to my ears. It did not rain at all on Monday or all day Tuesday even thought rain was in the forecast.

    After the heavy rain for about 90 minutes or so, the rain was steady for a few hours! The weeds are looking green this morning, the trees are lush and full and I am sure the Farmers and Wells are happy too!

    Have another wonderful day in Newfoundland!

    Take care.

  2. You captured some fantastic pictures for the group. Love seeing your adventure unfold. Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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