Day Twelve – St. John’s

St. John’s has so much to offer – it feels as though we could spend the entire nineteen days exploring this city alone!

Today most of us took a tour of the east coast of island (“down North”).  Our first stop was the Logy Bay Ocean Science Research Facility.  This is where Memorial University students study aquatic life and learn about these fascinating animals work within the ocean ecosystem.

REJ_0900 REJ_0911 REJ_0928

Then we visited Middle Cove Beach – a wonderful, natural setting where we listened to the water trickle over and through the rocks.

When Bob asked to see a fish, Andrew, our local guide, took us to Tappers Cove where we saw the Cod Fishermen filleting their catch.  We learned so much just from being right on the dock and seeing the men working with the knives. (like, “Where, exactly, are the ‘tongues’ located?”)

REJ_0970 REJ_0984 REJ_0979

Then we came to The Rooms to see the Provincial museum and the art gallery.

For dinner, most of us went to The Celtic Hearth.  Although the service was slow, we had an opportunity to get to know each other better and experience their take on a “Jigg’s Dinner”.

One thought on “Day Twelve – St. John’s

  1. Good morning Folks,

    It looks like the Sun was shining on your day in NFLD! Everything looks better when the Sun is shining!

    Great pictures of ocean life and fish! Who is the guy holding the big fish?

    Good catch John! Is that Tuesday night’s dinner?

    How interesting to watch the Fishermen work with their knives on the Fish!
    Geesh, and I thought it came all neatly packaged by the Fish Fairy in the Grocery stores. HA!

    It is a hard life catching Fish for a living.

    I am sure the Jigg’s Dinner was delicious.

    By now you have a very good feel for the people and the Province.
    Have any of you decided to move to NFLD?

    Larry, I hope you have had a good rest in St. John’s! If not ask John for a raise!

    One day while waiting in the Lobby to board the bus, I was speaking to a man and asked him where are you from? He said Coe Hill! Well, one gentleman on our bus and this man went to school together! Only in Newfoundland can you meet someone you know from Ontario!

    We are all connected and I am very happy that we can call Newfoundland part of Canada.

    Well, our exciting news is that our driveway is being sealed!

    Oh I tell the excitement never ends at our house!

    Have a great day!


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