Day Twelve – St. John’s

Day TWELVE!!  Can you believe it?? St. John’s has so much to offer – it feels as though we could spend the entire nineteen days exploring this city alone!

Today most of us took a tour of the east coast of island (fondly known by the locals as “down North”).  Our first stop was the Logy Bay Ocean Science Research Facility.  Memorial University students and faculty use this facility to study aquatic life and learn about these fascinating animals work within the ocean ecosystem.  From their website: “…[T]he Centre houses laboratories where research is conducted on the North Atlantic fishery, aquaculture, oceanography, ecology, behaviour and physiology. Research is conducted on organisms ranging from bacteria to seals.  It’s a fascinating place to learn about underwater life in the North Atlantic!  Of course, the seals steal the show!!”


Then we visited Middle Cove Beach – a wonderful, natural setting where I finally saw a “Capelin Roll” – no this isn’t a Fish Sandwich!  When the Capelin come in to spawn, they rush toward the shoreline by the millions.  The water roils above them just a little and you see them retreat with the waves.  It was pretty incredible and some of the locals were netting them for supper (easiest catch of the day!)

Here is a Capelin – it’s what everybody eats! The whales, the gulls, the puffins!!

More scenery (but it’s all beautiful!)

Since we were near Torbay, we looked in on the local fisherman who were gathering their take for the winter ( or maybe for now!).

This is how lonely it can get when you’re on tour…JUST KIDDING!  Kissin’ da cod is how the fisherman make us feel welcome!!  Hmmm…I’m sure I heard them laughing when we left!


Then several people were dropped off at The Rooms to see the Provincial museum and the art gallery.

Here are some of the “Lucky Rocks” and here’s Andrew’s hand holding the Capelin eggs (you may think…”white sand” at first:

One thought on “Day Twelve – St. John’s

  1. Good Morning Folks!

    Wow! What an interesting and educational day you had yesterday! Oh the Capelins! Tons of them! Little do they know they are dinner!

    It makes one appreciate how hard the Fishermen work everyday to make a living on this beautiful Province.

    It makes you ask, “Are we really in Canada?” Newfoundlanders seem to be transported in time to a quaint country somewhere in the middle of the Ocean!

    Which also makes me think that this is why the Newfoundlanders like their Screech – they are living somewhere in the middle of the Ocean!

    Oh the Seals are so cute! Real hams with the camera too!

    John some of the pictures look like oil paintings! Beautiful shots!

    That Cod was looking at you with so much love in it’s eyes.

    It is 8:00am here and very dark! The lights are on. It rained overnight and rain is in the forecast today! Yippeee! I am cheering and clapping for rain!

    Lanny, you have the most difficult job. Driving the bus, looking out for Moose and keep John in line!

    Well, not much on tap for us today. A quiet day in Marmora!

    I know you will have another wonderful day!


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