Day Eleven – St. John’s, NL

Today was about exploring the city and its rich history.

We began with a wonderful breakfast at the Delta St. John’s (There’s some kind of Oceanography conference going on here and it’s fun to overhear “geeked out” conversations about water – very cool that these discussions are happening here in St. John’s!)

St. John's Skyline

St. John’s Skyline

South Side Harbour

South Side Harbour

At nine o’clock we boarded the coach for our city tour that took us to South Side Harbour, Quidi Vidi Village, The Railway Museum, past the War Memorial, down to see Terry and out to Cape Spear.

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Then it was time for lunch. Ches’ is a traditional Newfoundland Fish and Chips restaurant with a few locations in the St. John’s.  I thought it would be a good choice since there were still a few people who hadn’t enjoyed the Cod Tongue delicacies.  I was very pleased to see that we could initiate a few more people to the experience!

After lunch, it was time for a Tattoo! Well, not the painful, permanent kind…the kind with drums and colours and military.  The story of the Royal Newfoundland regiment played out before us for a little over a half hour.  This is a truly impressive experience – not to be missed when visiting St. John’s.

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We returned to the hotel following the Tattoo to freshen up before dinner.  A thoroughly enjoyable day!

One thought on “Day Eleven – St. John’s, NL

  1. Good morning Folks!

    A fantastic day in St. John’s!

    You have seen so much of this beautiful city!

    Mr. Terry Fox. What more can you say about this man. It is just fitting that he started his run across Canada in Newfoundland!

    The colourful houses! In Belleville you could give directions by saying the ‘pink’ house but in NFLD you have to be more specific! There are many pink houses.

    Applause, applause to the new Cod Tongue Connoisseurs!

    Add standing at the most eastern point in North America to your list of things you have done on your trip to NFLD and Labrador!

    Nice picture of John too!

    What a treat to see a Tattoo too!

    Now,I do not have a tattoo or even like them (the ones on your skin) but if I were to get one in it would be I Love NFLD!

    Take it all in! St. John’s is one of a kind city!

    Keep on bussing!


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