Day Ten – Grand Falls-Windsor, NL to St. John’s, NL

Welcome back!  We have recovered from our Screech-In and we have arrived in Canada’s oldest city, St. John’s – founded in 1583!

Travelling from Grand Falls-Windsor, we spotted Gambo, home of Joey Smallwood (1900-1991), Newfoundland’s first premier.  We also stopped at the Gander airport to view the Kenneth Lochhead mural.


Continuing eastward, we visited the Silent Witnesses, a memorial for Flight 1285.

REJ_0584 REJ_0592 REJ_0588

Making an “executive decision”, we braved the elements (which were not much) to visit Salmonier Nature Park.

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2 thoughts on “Day Ten – Grand Falls-Windsor, NL to St. John’s, NL

  1. Good morning Folks!

    Ah yes, you are now in the ‘big city’ of St. John’s!

    You are probably saying where did all these people come from?

    St. John’s is a beautiful city! The people, the food, the Music, the colourful houses and so much more!

    I believe the famous Regatta may be happening now or it has just take place.
    It is the oldest in North America! The folks in Newfoundland are very proud of this event.

    Gander! What can you say about the people of Gander and Lewisporte that has not already been said by thousands of people who spent 3 days there during the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

    The residents and businesses opened their hearts and doors to everyone.

    I tear up just thinking of this as I was never more proud of our fellow Canadians and to be Canadian. Knowing these great folks they turned it into a good time for everyone to forget their troubles for 3 days.

    The Gander Airport! We saw 4 people in the ‘waiting area’ to get on a plane.
    Oh the crowds! HA HA!

    The Silent Witness Memorial was a very moving experience for us as I am sure it was for all of you. One never knows.

    More great pictures John! Applause! Applause!

    Our group stayed at the Delta St. John. This hotel is on one of the ‘main’ roads in St. John’s. The day we were on our own from the tour, my husband and I took a walk to check out the area. We waited for a break in the ‘traffic’ to cross the road.

    Well, we did not have to wait at all because the cars stopped in both directions and we were waved across by the drivers! Unbelievable! Newfoundlanders have never heard of road rage! We waved to everyone! We still tell people about this every chance we get!

    Wait until you see Signal Hill! Hang on to your hats!

    Have a great time in St. John’s!


  2. Through time some of my best get a-ways included touching base with the locals and taking in there culture. It seems to me you guys are taking that a step further with living it’s history and culture in every way. This looks incredible, truly unforgettable. Can’t wait to hear some stories from Mom when she returns! John V

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