Day 18 & 19 – Coming Home!

We have had an amazing tour!  We have seen and done so many different things that to sum them all up in a blog would be impossible!  The organization of the tour has been absolutely impeccable.  From concept to completion, this has been a truly unforgettable experience.  I’m so pleased that each of you decided to take the Newfoundland Spectacular tour with Franklin Tours.  We pride ourselves on making our trips memorable and I’m sure this one will have our guests talking for years to come about their adventure on “The Rock”.  Thanks to everyone for pulling together, enjoying each other’s company and making this vacation a once (or twice??) in a lifetime experience!

John and Larry

Critter Count: Thousands of Gulls, Murres, Terns, Puffins, Several Whales (close to the boat in P-A-B, on our Outports Tour), 14 Moose, all the various critters inside Salmonier Nature Park (too many to count…), Hundreds of beautiful Northern Gannets diving, Three Partridges (sans Pear Tree!) on the road in Cape Breton (all still alive…), Cod…glorious Cod – at least 20 specimens, a small familial herd of seven caribou…I know I’m forgetting some but that’s a very good start!

Thanks also to the people who wrote in to the blog and let us know that you were following along at home!


2 thoughts on “Day 18 & 19 – Coming Home!

  1. Hello Folks,

    This SPECTACULAR trip is over for another year!

    Tell your friends and neighbours and they will want to experience this adventure!

    Wow! What a creature count! Still far too many Moose for me!

    You won’t have a creature count like this anywhere else but in NFLD!

    Back to reality now. Laundry, shopping, cleaning!

    You could not have had a better time with anyone else but John and Larry!
    The best tour guide/comedian and bus driver in Ontario!

    So long folks!

    Mary Clarke

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