Day Seventeen – North Sydney, NS to Moncton, NB

Well…we have our half-hour back and are looking to the last hour tomorrow.  This has been such an incredible tour.  We are filled with stories and laughter (I still hear everyone joking at the back of the bus!)

Today was a “long haul” day but we were in good spirits (*ahem* so to speak!)  We began at Flora’s Ice Cream and Gift Shop where the rug hookers demonstrated how they create fabulous works of art and the long hours that go into a few inches of fabric.  Then we were off to view the highlights of the Cabot Trail and we went as far as Fishing Cove before we turned around for all the west coast photo stops.

REJ_0600 REJ_0631 REJ_0613 REJ_0612 REJ_0609

When it all works out, we do like to make our tours extra special for the individuals on our tour and while it may not always “work out”, we were able to “work in” a trip to the Glenora Distillery on the Ceilidh Trail.  Much to the appreciative palettes of those on board who desire the finer things, I think the distillery was happy to have hosted Franklin Tours even if only for twenty minutes.


We hopped aboard the bus and made our way toward Moncton, had another excellent meal at Jean’s and turned in with full bellies and happy memories.

One thought on “Day Seventeen – North Sydney, NS to Moncton, NB

  1. Good morning Folks!

    The Cabot Trail! That alone is worth the trip to NFLD!

    Beautiful pictures John!

    I remember stopping at Flora’s Ice Cream and Gift Shop! Delicious ice cream!

    A stop at a Scotch location! Now that is different! I hope some of you tasted the Scotch!

    I looked up the Glenora Distillery online and it most certainly is worth the stop!

    This SPECTACULAR trip is quickly coming to an end and I know you have all enjoyed your time on The Rock!

    I can honestly say that I was in down mood for a few days after our trip as I was missing NFLD.

    Enjoy your last 2 days on the road!


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