Day Fifteen – Grand Falls-Windsor, NL to Corner Brook, NL

We are headed home!  We visited the Newfoundland insectarium and Lloyd gave us a delightful and informative talk about “the birds and the bees of bees”.  Although he kept us laughing, we also learned so much about bees and their behaviour (in and out of the hive!)

REJ_0491 REJ_0481 REJ_0467 REJ_0462

The butterflies were also a highlight – over 700 butterflies in the insectarium was a beautiful sight!  They must really like our tour group since one tried to hitch a ride on Larry’s back as he was exiting the pavilion!

After a delicious lunch in Deer Lake (and a photo opp with the moose!) we made our way to Corner Brook for an early check in (and an early departure!).

REJ_0492 REJ_0494

That didn’t prevent many of us from visiting the Glynmill Pond and taking in the beautiful scenery there.

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2 thoughts on “Day Fifteen – Grand Falls-Windsor, NL to Corner Brook, NL

  1. Good day Folks,

    Another fun and informative day!

    Did you learn just about bees or the birds and the bees?

    Yes, I can see why a butterfly would want to hitch a ride with Larry as it knows a nice man when it sees one!

    I hope everyone has been keeping track of the creatures in NFLD and Labrador and no the moose in front of the gas station does not count!

    Well, it is official this area is now in Level 3 drought conditions. It is a difficult time for the Farmers in our farming area of Ontario.

    Those of us on wells are getting a little nervous too. Many people’s wells have gone dry in Prince Edward County.

    I am sure you have all enjoyed your big trip on the Rock and Labrador.

    It is the most unique Province!

    Enjoy your day or evening!


  2. Hi Everyone
    So glad to read all your commentaries and see the great pictures. You are certainly doing & seeing a lot more than on the first trip 4 years ago. It is one thing to see pictures but was fantastic seeing Newfoundland in person. Some of
    the highlights were the “Jelly Bean ” houses in St. John’s, whale and puffin sighting, & Viking Exhibits. Have a good trip home You will think of this for years. We still recall the places and even watch the news for events and
    the weather. Thanks for the postings John. It was terrific.

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