Day Fifteen – Grand Falls-Windsor, NL to Corner Brook, NL

We are headed home! ¬†We visited the Newfoundland Insectarium and Lloyd gave us a delightful and informative talk about “the birds and the bees of bees”. ¬†Although he kept us laughing, we also learned so much about bees and their behaviour (in and out of the hive!) This quickly became another highlight of the tour from the reviews I heard! The butterflies were amazing – over 700 butterflies in the Insectarium is a beautiful sight!

We even had one try to catch a ride back to Ontario…but it would need to pick a less obvious place than on top of Wendell’s head!!

And the shot everyone was looking for happened to be on your tour director’s hand:

After a delicious lunch in Deer Lake (when the crowd tells you they want pizza, you have to oblige!!) we made our way to Corner Brook for an early check in (and an early departure!).

There was one last stop before going to the hotel. In order to really take in Corner Brook, the best place to go is the Captain James Cook Monument high above the city.

Even an early departure didn’t prevent many of us from visiting the Glynmill Pond and taking in the beautiful scenery there.

All right – morning comes early and it’s time for this guy to turn in:

One thought on “Day Fifteen – Grand Falls-Windsor, NL to Corner Brook, NL

  1. Good Morning Folks,

    Sounds like a good time learning about the Birds and the Bees! It seems like your host had a sense of humour! Perhaps everyone in Newfoundland and Labrador is born with a sense of humour!

    Wow! It would be amazing to see all those Butterflies! Such beautiful colours!

    That is too funny that one landed on Wendell’s head! It means you are the handsome one on the Bus.

    I like the picture of the person on the bridge! Cool shoot!

    Also, there is a rainbow in 2 of the pictures! Perfect !

    Now, I ask you doesn’t the Pizza in Newfoundland taste better than the Pizza back home?

    Well, you are homeward bound now and your minds are full of wonderful memories and music! Your tummy is full of delicious food too!

    You have purchased a few things in Newfoundland and Labrador to remind you of this, tour called – Newfoundland Spectacular!

    Now don’t be getting the Newfoundland Blues you can always return to this beautiful Province!


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